Uringa Links

Orienteering Federations

     International Orienteering Federation (IOF)                                           
     New Zealand Orienteering Federation                                                   
     British Orienteering Federation (BOF)                                                   
     Swedish Orienteering Federation                                                          
     Norwegian Orienteering Federation      
     Swiss Orienteering Federation                                            
     United States Orienteering Federation                                                  

Orienteering – Other

     State League Results                   
     Sydney Summer Series                                                
     Attackpoint - Training Blog (Worldwide)                    
     Routegadget - Live Route Tracking                             
     Win Splits - Comp Split-Time analysis                    
     Thierry Georgieou - Champion Orienteer                             
     Compass Sport - UK Magazine                                       

Orienteering – PC Games

     Catching Features                                                                               
     WinOl Orientica                                                                                                 


     BOM - Weather Forecast                                                                                
     XE - Currency Conversion                                       
     Google Maps                                                      
     Whereis - Maps and Directions                            
     Newspapers online - Newspapers around the World              
     Lengths and Measures - Online Conversion                                

Sydney Football Clubs              

     Sydney FC                                                                       
     Sydney FC Un-official Supporters Site                                                
     Sydney Swans